Stu Fuchs

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A KALA Ukulele artist, Stu plays virtuosic Ukulele & Guitar music with his award-winning Gypsy Swing bands and solo projects…and also healing meditation music (Kirtan)



Stu’s Music on CD BABY: Preview & buy here

Babik (pronounced Bah-beek)

Original Release Date: December 1, 2006

On their debut CD, Babik burns through a live set of the red-hot gypsy swing songs that have brought them acclaim on the American gypsy jazz scene. The band’s dynamic interplay and improvisational skills are on full display here. More than half of the songs on this CD are Django Reinhardt compositions, fitting given that the band named itself after one of Reinhardt’s sons. Three studio tracks are also included on this acclaimed disc.

American Gypsy

Original Release Date: October 18, 2008

From the first note of American Gypsy, the listener can feel Babik’s unmistakable passion. This second offering from Gysoy Jazz sensation Babik CD is fun, uplifting and deep.  It will take you places from 1930′s nostalgia to the beaches of Central America and beyond. American Gypsy is inspired by gypsy jazz legend Django Reinhardt (the band is named for Django’s son Babik) but with American Gypsy the band forges ahead with their own voice–10 of the 13 tracks here are originals.  The band’s compositions draw upon their diverse inspirations such as Klezmer, Latin, Soul, and Classical Music.  This CD was featured on Public Radio International’s syndicated program “The World” and received airplay on radio stations across the USA.