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Podcast Interview with Irish Artist John Dalton 

Last month I was interviewed by Irish Artist & Blogger John Dalton.  We had very relaxed and fun conversation for an hour - John is a delightful person and a great artist with a beautiful view of the world.  John and I spoke via Skype - he asked me some deep questions (first thing in the morning too!) that really made me think about & articulate where I come from when serving with my art & can listen & download the podcast here.  Your comments will be appreciated!  Thanks, Stu


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A Fiery & Funky Ukulele Strum 

If you've ever seen the bowling competition scene from classic movie "The Big Lebowski", you were probably taken back by the HOT & FIREY version of "Hotel California"...performed by the Gypsy Kings.  (along with LOL-ing because the movie is so damn funny!)  The music in that scene adds such a passion to the classic Eagles song that it made my heart beat faster.  This video lesson will show you how to play a strum that is in the same vein as that rhumba flamenco style of the Gypsy Kings.  Enjoy & let me know… Read more

Long Distance Ukulele Strum Along! 

This is the second video in a series I am calling "Beginner's Ukulele Lessons" - however, they are for anyone...regardless of how long you've been playing, I think you will find this video helpful.  Even for those who have been playing for a while, a willingness to return to some foundations of technique can really unravel any "bad habits" that may have set in their someone's playing.  But fret not (no pun intended) - it can happen to anyone!

The following video does just this - we will address some basics… Read more

Video Lesson: Foundations of Technique (for Beginners and EVERYONE!) 

I wanted to share this you tube video with you, a follow up tutorial for my weekly Ukulele class in Keene NH.  In this video I outline some (not all) of the most important foundational techniques for developing GOOD TECHNIQUE.  Many music teachers online promise a "short cut" to good playing and, while well intentioned, they unfortunately bypass the most important elements that will allow YOU to play with greater ease and coordination.
Let me ask you a few questions:

1) Would you like to feel more physically… Read more

Live radio interview - broadcast 3/21 @ 11am EST 

My 10 day 2015 tour of Florida was an incredible experience for myself - and,  judging by the roars of laughter numerous gasps of "wow!" during every workshop, it also was very fun and eye opening for all those who made it out to an event!!  Super grateful to return to some old haunts and to visit some new venues & make new friends along the Sunshine State's Ukulele trail!

Highlights could fill several post, but some peak moments included:  (Some pics are at the bottom of this post...hope to find the time toRead more

New Videos!

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